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5 Reasons to Cross-Train Employees

1.   In the event an employee is out sick or on vacation, etc. someone else should be able to keep things running smoothly by being able to effectively do that employee’s work.

2.   If an employee were to leave unexpectedly and permanently, it can be extremely difficult to get the work done while also taking time to hire and train someone new.

3.   Often work flow is uneven.  When employees are cross trained, they can help each other keep the work done correctly and on time when the work load is heavy.

4.   Two people can have a different thought process and ways of completing a task.  The old saying “two heads are better than one” applies here.

5.   Having employees cross-trained can also make work more enjoyable for the employee.  It can provide more flexibility in their day and less chance of being bored doing the same task all the time.

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