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A Great Inexpensive Gift That is Especially Good For Someone That Seems to Have Everything and/or Just “Needs an Emotional Lift”.

This warrants a repeat print for this time of year.

I bought some fancy paper and cut it into 4” x 1” strips. I sent 6 strips in an envelope to each family and friend along with a note explaining what to do. They were to write a memory they have of the person the gift was for (one memory per strip), sign and then return all slips to me by the stated deadline. I had a gold plate made up stating “Our Memories Of You” for a mahogany box I purchased. I then folded each strip and put them in the box, wrapped it and gave it to her as her gift. There were over 100 memories in the box! She cried with joy when she read each one and keeps the box on her coffee table for all to see and for her to re-read whenever she “needs a smile”.

This can work for someone special to you as well.

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