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Speaking Testimonials

Nancy D. Butler was the keynote speaker yesterday for the annual kickoff program for the Schiller Shoreline Institute for Lifelong Learning’s 2016 program series.

Her presentation was inspiring and upbeat and provided valuable information that the attendees could immediately implement. Nancy’s amazing life story speaks for itself. Her examples provided strength and something unique to help enhance the lives of the attendees. The breadth and depth of her knowledge and experience, along with her ability to effectively communicate an array of topics, is truly energizing and empowering. Nancy’s message is one that can reach any audience!

The feedback from our attendees was overwhelmingly positive and we were very lucky to have her open our program series.

I highly recommend Nancy D. Butler as a motivational and educational speaker. She was a pleasure to work with!
– Nancy M.


Thanks Nancy – the feedback I received were things like “that is the best training I have had since joining P1” – “there were a ton of great ideas to implement” – “Nancy clearly knows how to run a profitable business”.
I took four pages of notes myself, Nancy – AWESOME EVENT!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Again – thanks
– Frank M. Region Vice President, Ameriprise Advisor Group


Hello Nancy ~ Thank you again for such a great insurance CE class this morning in Farmington. I’ve done a few of these insurance courses, and yours was absolutely the best. The breadth & depth of all your knowledge and experience is staggering, and your ability to effectively communicate such complex topics is truly energizing and empowering. You also got everyone in the room to participate, and well managed all the strong personalities and opinions! I wish there was a way I could sign up for Cape courses based on the instructor, because I would only search and attend your classes; I should have added that comment to my class survey today (feel free to forward this email to Cape School). If I were to select a professional mentor for this stage of my career, you’d be the one; I guess you inspired me.
Please let me know if I can help you or any of your endeavors in any way. Looking forward to staying connected.
– Joe C


I don’t want to say it but I’ll say it, I TOLD YOU SO!! Nancy, always over delivers. Nancy is a great coach, teacher and partner. Thanks for leading the partnering program for us Nancy. We just launched it in AAG and we’ll keep you as busy as you want to be.

Don, Nancy was a CAC FC who “retired!” a couple of years ago. She’s been coaching FA’s and is one of the best senior partners we have. She is a wonderful human being and one of the best FA’s I’ve ever met. Also, one of the best I know at acquiring HVCs. Thanks again, Nancy,
– Pat O. Senior Vice President, Ameriprise Advisor Group


We can sincerely recommend Nancy as a professional speaker, business management expert and presenter.
-Mark Anderson, President of FloristWare (Click Here to Read Full Testimonial)


Your presentation this morning was awesome. The feedback that I have received already has been tremendous. Your experience of how you worked to get your business to the level that it is today is truly inspirational. Also, the advisors learned so much today about what it really takes to market and grow a successful practice. I can’t thank you enough for your willingness to share your success and learning’s.
– Patrick O, MBA, CFP, CHFC, CRPC, Group Vice President, American Express Financial Advisors


Thanks for the excellent presentation you gave to the Women’s Network last Wednesday. I know everyone could have listened to you for another hour! I had comments made to me such as when Nancy explains, I understand it! Thanks again.
– Vickie A. Program Chair


Wanted to let you know about Nancy’s session today. What a great presenter! Nancy did an absolutely WOW job with her presentation! It seemed that everyone was engaged. Everyone learned a lot from the meeting. Thank you again Nancy.
– Deborah G, Executive Assistant, Ameriprise Financial Services


Thank you so much for your terrific presentation on Women & Investing. You were obviously a big hit with the crowd! We truly appreciate your time, effort and materials given in support of our organization.
– Lori S, 1st Vice President U.S. Coast Guard Officer’s Spouses Association of Southeastern Connecticut


Thank you for being the Guest Speaker at the 1st Semi-Annual Free Artist’s Showcase. Without you, it could not have been the success that it was. Your upbeat and honest repertoire not only held the audience’s attention, but also inspired them. Several audience members and artists regaled me of the great time they had.

Good luck in your endeavors, and we hope you will join us again for our future events.
– Melissa F. President and CEO, Moving And Other Matters


I really enjoyed your presentation at the Women’s Network on Wednesday. It was one of the best I’ve heard. You provided practical and doable advice and I left with some great takeaway ideas. You also come across as a very competent, impressive, and accomplished person. I am glad to be working with you.
– Elizabeth C., Attorney


What An Inspiration, Award Winning Short Story by Nancy D. Butler

Wow, Nancy, what a WONDERFUL story! As I was reading it, I fell in love with Bunny, how strong she is and how her positive attitude kept her going. And her comeback at the end, what fortitude and optimism! And when I saw that it is your mother, well, the tears began.

Thank you for writing this wonderful story and sharing your mother with us.
– Marilyn D.


Thank you again! I truly enjoyed your presentation on Sunday and your book is quite inspiring.
– Marni L.


I’ve been meaning to write to let you know how much I enjoyed your talk/reading last week in Groton. What a fascinating life! You are an inspiration.
– Emma P-R.


She always has a positive “can do” attitude and yet she doesn’t hesitate to let me know when she thinks we need to do something differently.

She has helped me attain a six year growth for my practice over both good and bad markets of 90% in GDC, 90% increase in the number of plans, 128% increase in planning fees and a 49% increase in High Value Clients acquired all, without increasing our work hours.

I would not hesitate to recommend Nancy D. (Seely) Butler as a great business coach.

– Kim C., Business Owner/Platinum Financial Advisor (Click Here to Read Full Testimonial)


I have been working with Nancy D. (Seely) Butler as my business coach since 2007. She has assisted me in substantially building my financial planning and asset management practice over these years.

Nancy is extremely focused, organized and knowledgeable in her field. With her 30+ years of experience in this industry has helped me to run a more profitable and efficient practice.

The numbers speak for themselves: average annual practice growth of 26% per year in GDC, 17% per year increased number of plans, and 19% per year increased fees.

I would not hesitate to recommend Nancy D. (Seely) Butler as a great business coach.

– Jeffrey M, Business Owner/Platinum Financial Advisor (Click Here to Read Full Testimonial)


To Those Seeking a Wonderful Speaker, Coach, or Inspirational Guide:

Nancy is a woman who has such an amazing life story, it almost speaks for itself. However, she is blessed by also having an amazing way of presenting herself. The listener feels admiration and an eagerness to learn from and be guided by Nancy, yet she also makes them feel that they have an ally, a peer. She is down to earth, straightforward and practical, yet she takes risks and dreams big (bigger than big). Somehow, this combination of qualities puts people at ease.

The content of her presentation and the reaction of the St. Peter’s community was everything that I had imagined it could be. Parishioners of all age groups stayed to listen to Nancy, and, just as I predicted, they all had something special and unique to their own lives that they could take away.
Nancy’s message is one that can reach any audience.

I am so very grateful to Nancy Butler. I recommend her highly for speaking engagements and know also what a wonderful coach she would be.

– Kelly S. Lead Organizer for Adult Formation (Click Here to Read Full Testimonial)



Comment Cards From Speaking Events

  • Best instructor I have ever had, very informative and engaging
  • Great communicator
  • Applies to both professional and personal life
  • Very personable!
  • Gave great real life examples
  • Had many subject oriented stories to relate and make the material easier to understand
  • Engaging and informative
  • I think the speaker was the best most relevant I have heard
  • All of it was helpful. I definitely learned items/things I can use. The speaker was relevant and time-worthy
  • The speaker was fantastic. It really was great!
  • Excellent, engaging, knowledgeable
  • Very upbeat and interesting
  • Speech is fantastic
  • Nancy was able to provide practical application, real life stories, great speaker
  • Well prepared, excellent communication skills
  • Excellent communication skills., very well prepared
  • I truly enjoyed it and learned information I will use
  • Most interesting and knowledgeable instructor I have ever had
  • Great educator, superior
  • This is the best instructor you have had. Thank you for hiring her.



Business Planning Testimonials

Nancy’s the best life planner I know. One example of her life planning skills is when I first met her in 2002; Nancy showed me a lengthy succession plan for her practice that documented the buyer, the date of the transition and the terms of the transition. You might consider this to be no big deal, but it, in fact, was very impressive since she had that document in place long before I had met her and the transition date was not until January of 2007!
– Patrick O, MBA, CFP, CHFC, CRPC, Group Vice President, Ameriprise


Congratulations! Your listing in the Guide to America’s Top Financial Planners is most impressive. Being selected as one of America’s Top Financial Planners is quite an honor. You are among a select few that have earned this prestigious recognition.
– James W, President, SLD Industries, Inc.


Nancy really knows her way around a small business, and what makes one grow. Lots of easy guerilla marketing ideas that a single business owner can follow to increase leads. Effective ideas on making a business prosper.
– Brian S., Business Owner