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Adversity Can Lead to Greater Success—if you Know How to Use it to your Advantage.

Will you allow your circumstances to break you or make you stronger?

I am a firm believer that adversity can either break us or make us stronger. And, we get to choose which side we fall on.

It sometimes can seem like life is against us. And, just when we think we’ve had enough, something else happens to cause more stress and upset at work, at home or in our personal life.

Regardless of the events that happen in our lives, the difference between success and failure often is in the decisions we make and the mind set we embrace.

On one side you can remain the victim. Or you can choose to learn from the experience and use it to make you a better person and for you to have a good life. It doesn’t make sense to allow adversity to define who you are. It has taken enough already.

You may not be able to do anything about yesterday. But you still have a lot of control over what tomorrow will look like.

© Nancy Butler, September 2011