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An Organization Tip For your Sewing/Craft Room

Many people find they need to have a place where they can leave their project out until it’s finished, but find they need to put it all away because the space is needed for other things. I took a closet we didn’t need and installed a counter top (with a hole in it for the cords), overhead shelves and lighting mounted under the bottom shelf to shine down on the counter top. A chair and waste basket fit under the counter top and was stored there when not in use. I could then close the closet door and walk away with the room being left neat. And, when I went back to work on the project, everything was as I left it. I also installed in the room an “in the wall” ironing board that stored the iron as well. When I needed it, it was right there. And when I was done I could close it up with the hot iron inside and out of sight.

© Nancy Butler, July 2011