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Business Money Saving and Advertising “Shortcuts”

1. After researching credit card options, I put all of the business expenses I could on a credit card that provided two advantages. A) points for each dollar charged that could be used for a variety of other purchases. I would use the points to buy airline tickets, to gift to staff or purchase supplies. B) gave a statement that broke down all spending for the year by category – making tracking and income tax time much easier. Since the credit card was paid in full each month, the interest rate on the card was not an issue.

2. Free advertising – I was listed in the newspaper on average, once a month for about 20 years at no cost to me. I did this in two ways. A) I sent a news release anytime I attended training, spoke at a conference or did anything else that was news worthy. B) I offered to be a resource for reporters whenever they were writing on a topic that was in my area of expertise.

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