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Caring for a Parent – Tips That Can Help

Better organizing yourself and your parents can free up your time and make things happen correctly and automatically. Consider the following:

  • Direct deposit all income checks to a bank account (pension, social security, dividends, pay checks, etc.)
  • Many bills can be automatically paid through a credit card or bank account. Set up as many as possible this way.
  • Keep a note pad handy. When you think of something you need to do or purchase, write it down. Organizing your thoughts on paper and not in your head is important.

Have more than one “back up” in place. This can provide you greater security and peace of mind knowing that proper care is available without jeopardizing your job by needing to take off work unexpectedly.

  • Many local senior centers will provide transportation to and from doctor and other appointments.
  • Contact your local or state “department on aging” and find out what other resources are available in your area.
  • Many home health and companion services can be provided on an as-needed basis or set up on a regular basis. This can help free your time for work, other family or time for yourself.

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