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Financial Planning for Young Men and Women

Often young, entry level men and women have difficulty in managing their new job, personal life and new financial position. They may have a good job but with debt from school and the cost to set up a comfortable living environment, there seems little left to put away to provide the financial future they want and need. The first most important step in successful money management is to have the proper mind set in how you view and therefore handle your finances. Remember this, with every dollar that goes through your hands there are three places it needs to go, not necessarily in equal thirds, but three places. #1 Pay your bills – or you may not have your freedom for long. #2 spend some – if you save it all ‘till later and don’t live to enjoy it, what good would that be? #3 save some – to cover the larger ticket items that the weekly paycheck won’t cover and so that someday you won’t have to work anymore. The problem with many people today is that we do pay our bills, which is a good thing, but we spend some and save what’s left. And, that is backwards. You should be saving first and then spend what’s left. Having a long term vision for your future, rather than living for today is also a critical factor for success.

© Nancy Butler, July 2011