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Four Key Risks You Will Need to Address for a Comfortable Retirement Income

  • Health care expenses: With people living longer, medical cost rising and many employers not providing retiree medical coverage, the cost to an individual can be far more than they may have expected.
  • Inflation: With the cost of gas for your car, fuel to heat your home, food and most everything else on the rise, it possible for many retirees to have an income that is fixed but expenses that go up.
  • Longevity: It is very possible that you will spend more years in retirement than you did working. Have you built up enough income and assets to support you for 30 or more years?
  • Excess withdrawal: The withdrawal rate you use on your assets can dramatically affect how long your money will last.

These are only four of the issues you should carefully plan for prior now and throughout retirement to help assure the income you will need will last your lifetime. Consult with your financial, tax and legal advisers for assistance in developing an appropriate plan customized for you.

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