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Is What you do to Live and What you do for a Living One-in-the Same? Or, are they Different?

There are many things I do that “makes me live”. And I guess, that’s the whole point. I need and have variety in my life. I am never board and feel great knowing I am giving back while enjoying what I do.

On the business side of my life I am a coach to business owners in different parts of the country, helping them to do a better job for their clients while improving their bottom line. I teach continuing education classes to financial advisers and insurance professionals to enable them to renew their licenses and continue to run an ethical business. And I am a national speaker to business owners and also speak on topics to help individuals live a successful life and realize their dreams. I also remain one of the few Certified Divorce Financial Analysts in Connecticut and have testified in court as an expert witness for the financial aspects divorce.

On the personal side of my life, I love to travel with my husband. I take care of my grandchildren twice a week and for 4 weeks in the summer (I have been doing this for 14 years). I daily look after the care of my 87 year old mother. I enjoy digital photography, scrap-booking, sewing and making specialty cakes. I am also in the process of writing my first book which will be out in early 2012..

So, although I enjoy and do a lot of different things, what I do for a living and what makes me live, for the most part, are one-in-the same. How about you?

© Nancy Butler, September 2011