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Low Cost or Free Family Entertainment, Especially Helpful During a Difficult Economy

With the difficult economy many face today, below are suggestions for inexpensive family activities.

  • Volunteer as a family for a charity that you believe in, i.e. soup kitchen, women’s shelter, etc. It gives the whole family a way you can share the experience while not spending any money and at the same time you can feel great about helping others.
  • A day at the park – fly a kite, ride a bike, etc.
  • Use the library to borrow books and movies
  • Go on a picnic instead of eating at a restaurant
  • A day at a public beach and bring lunch
  • Playground – there are many great free public playscapes for children
  • Let the children have a sleep over for friends
  • Take a hike together
  • Board games, card games
  • Do crafts together – there are many at low cost
  • See plays for free by volunteering as an usher.  Many theaters will let you see the show if you help with the paying patrons.

©Nancy Butler, September 2011