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Maintaining your Independence as you Age

As we age, change can become more and more difficult. Evaluate your living environment now, while your mind is sharp and you are able to make good decisions for yourself. This may enable you to maintain your independence longer. Below are a few things to consider:

If you could no longer manage stairs, would you be able to live in your current home?

Are you willing and able to de-clutter your home now? Going through everything now may enable you to decide what is important to you to keep and what you can dispose of. If you do not, someone else may have to do it later and they may then need to be the ones to make this decision for you.

What condition is your home in? Does it need repair? Do you have the money and ability to handle all necessary repairs?

Can you maintain it on your own? If not, can you afford to hire people to do the work for you?

If you were medically no longer able to live in your current home, where would you want to live?

Addressing these issues now, while you are not forced to do so, can enable you to make the best decision for yourself and convey it to others appropriately so they will know how to best help you when the time comes. This may also enable you to have a better long term quality of life.

© Nancy Butler, August 2011