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“Outside the Box” Way to Research and Market Yourself For a Job.

Many years ago when needing to find a job after having just moved 70 miles to a new location, I came up with a great way to contact decision makers and market my services.

Having left a job in real estate property management, I went to the local phone book and looked up all of the apartment complexes in the area. I then took that list with me to the town hall where the property was located and looked up each property on the town land records. Since this is public information it was easy to obtain. I looked up the owner’s name and contact information and then contacted each owner directly by sending a cover letter with my bio via traditional mail. This enabled me to “go right to the source” and bypass the secretary or other staff person who may make contact with the decision maker more difficult. I received several calls back stating they really appreciated my ingenuity in how I contacted them. And yes, I did get the job.

I am sure there are many other jobs that this type of research could be helpful. With today’s technology, you may be able to do some of this on-line. Either way, it costs very little. Give it a try.

© Nancy Butler, July 2011