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Prenuptial Agreements

From a pure financial point of view and not an emotional one, a prenuptial agreement can provide protection and security for the long term. However, consider the following:

It is rare that two people come together with exactly the same financial position. Often one has more assets or more debts than the other at the time of the marriage and they work together from that point to make things better.

Many people feel what they worked for on their own before meeting their spouse, should remain theirs. And anything obtained from the date of the marriage on, they consider jointly owned.

How do you feel about this? If you were the one with all the assets, would you feel differently? If you were the one with all the debt and little assets, would you feel differently? What is fair for both of you?

A prenuptial agreement can not only make financial sense, but it can also allow a couple to more easily focus on building their financial future together and be less concerned about what they already have.

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