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Industry Experts – April 2015
Title: What makes this executive so successful?

Inspire me today® – January 2015
Title: The Hard Lessons in Life

New England Real Estate Journal – January 2015
Title: What is your working business plan for 2015?

My SilverAge – August 2014
Title: Should You Leave an Inheritance for Your Children? Three older adults reveal why they will—or won’t—bequeath their wealth.

New England Real Estate Journal – September 2014
Title: Technology in real estate, taking your business to the next level

Carol Roth Blog – June 2014
Title: Tips for Becoming a Respected Business Industry Expert

New England Real Estate Journal – May 2014
Title: Our aging population and its effects on real estate

Learnvest – May 2014
Title: Just ask LearnVest Planning Services

Small Business Finance Expert – April 2014
Title: What’s the number one mistake small businesses make when it comes to money and finances?

National Federation of Independent Business – March 2014
Title: How to Vet Your Business’ Potential Buyer

New England Real Estate Journal – January 2014
Title: The real estate market for residential Realtors: The new reality in realty

DailyWorth – August 2013
Title: Are You Asking for Enough? How–and why–to ask for more.

Financial Planning Magazine – August 2012
Title: Early Lessons. Insights gained at humble jobs long ago have helped some planners shape their messages to clients.

Strategies – May 2012
Title: Strategies & Tactics For Women

E How – August 2011
Title: Going It Alone: Overcoming the Challenges of Single Parenting, Finding a Healthy Balance