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Simple Steps to Reduce Debt

Consider the following options to help reduce debt.

Lower the rate you are charged:  With interest rates so low you may be able to lower the rate on your credit card debt and mortgage.  First contact the place where you hold the debt and see what they can do for you.  If that doesn’t work, look around to other companies that can do better.

Make your payments bi-weekly instead of monthly:  Take your monthly payment and split it in half.  Then make your payment every two weeks instead of monthly. This will ensure extra money is applied to the debt since the total bi-monthly payments equal the equivelent of 13 monthly payments..

Know the difference between a want and a need and look for ways to save:  The wants should be put on hold until your debt balance is where it should be.  Be sure that all available funds are maximized by using coupons and sales wherever possible.  This can free up money to apply to reducing your debt.

Add a little bit more:  Increase your payments by whatever you can afford.  Even if it is $100, $50 or less, every little bit helps.

Put the cards away: To ensure you are truly paying down what you owe, do not carry a credit card with you.  Have an agreement with yourself as to what has to happen for the card to come out.  For example, a good reason might be that your car needs to be fixed or you can’t get to work.

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