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Solving the problem of ineffective staff meetings

There are four factors that make an effective meeting:

  1. Preparation.  By having an outline for the meeting and letting everyone know the agenda in advance including topics to be discussed, everyone can come to the meeting prepared to discuss and better provide solutions to issues.
  2. Attitude.  Start the meeting with a positive attitude.  I always started our meetings by having everyone say one thing that went really well since our last meeting.  This keeps the meeting from being a “gripe session” that everyone dreads attending.
  3. Control.  Be sure to keep the meeting on topic and on track.  Do not allow anyone to “derail” the meeting.
  4. Follow up.  Be sure someone takes good notes and follow up of all items is assigned within 24 hours of the meeting including the date to be completed and any other details needed to assure success.


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