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Stand out as the Realtor of Choice – part 3 – Your “Elevator Speech”

Many business owners have heard of the “Elevator Speech”.  As a Realtor, how can you make yourself stand out from all the other Realtors with your “Elevator Speech”?

Think of it this way:  If you and a stranger entered the elevator at the same time, what would you say to them to describe what you do and why they should work with you, so that by the time the elevator has stopped you have peaked their interest to want to talk to you more?

Some of the points I discussed in the last two Blog posts can be used to set you apart. After you determine what makes you different/better than other Realtors, incorporate that information into your 10-20 second “Elevator Speech”.

Practice your speech until you know it by heart and can state it whenever the opportunity arises.


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