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Starting a business on a shoestring budget

I learned early on that getting in front of one client at a time would not build the business fast enough.  It was imperative that I get in front of a lot of people quickly, but had little money to spend on marketing.  I needed to “think outside the box” and find low cost ways to get the public to know who I am and what I can do for them.  One strategy I employed was to go to all the local libraries and review their card file for local clubs and organizations that might have the need for a speaker at their meetings. I then set up a campaign where twice a year I sent everyone one that I felt appropriate, a letter offering as a free public service, my services to be a speaker for their meeting or conference.  I included my bio and a one page overview with bullet points outlining topics I was qualified to speak on that would be appropriate specifically for their members.  After about 6 months I was in front of 12-50 people a month at no cost to me.  This enabled the public to know me and what I can do for them, so when they needed my products or services, it would be me they would contact.


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