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The most important lessons I learned in my first year in business

To be able to do a great job for the client I needed to learn the all the facts and features about the products and services I was offering while at the same time learning how to run a business. This was a daunting task.

When with the prospective client, I found myself talking constantly. I was afraid if I stopped talking they might ask me a question that I wouldn’t have the answer to. I finally realized that it was ok to not have all the answers on the spot. And that having the right questions for the client and then truly listening to what they had to say was extremely important for me to be able to do the best job both for the client and therefore also for the business. I realized that as long as I had a good knowledge of the basics of the products and services I was offering and had access to the answers to their questions within a reasonable period of time, that was fine.

There are two important lessons I learned.

             #1   Be quiet and listen to the client.

             #2   I don’t have to have all the answers on the spot.


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