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Tips for the Month of October to Save Money for the Holidays

Halloween: When you use your imagination there are so many costumes you can easily put together for just a few dollars. Halloween costume: Check out your local Goodwill or second hand clothing store. You can find so many useful items such as:

  • Biker or guy from the 50’s: Purchase a vest, jeans, t-shirt – roll up the sleeves with an empty cigarette pack inside. Total cost about $8
  • Rabbit: Purchase a pink footed sleeper – sew on floppy felt ears and cotton balls for the tail, use an eye pencil to draw whiskers and nose. Total cost about $3
  • Dog: Purchase a brown footed sleeper – sew on pointy felt ears and a felt strip for the tail, use an eye pencil to draw wiskers and nose. Total cost about $3

    December will be here before you know it.

    If you have not started your holiday shopping yet, now is the time. The sooner you start, the easier it will be to save money. First, get organized. Make a list of the people you will be purchasing a gift for. Next make a note of your budgeted amount and a few gift ideas for each person. Then start watching for sales. By planning ahead not only can you take advantage of sales, you can also spread out the cost over several months which can eliminate the need to pay with credit cards.

    Actually, I start my shopping December 26th every year for the following year’s holiday. I can purchase all of my gift wrap, ribbons, tags, decorations and more at up to 80% off. I then start my list and make purchases throughout the year as things are on sale, keeping track of what I have purchased.

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