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Tips to help entrepreneurs relax and unwind

As an entrepreneur, we can easily become workaholics.  Sometime by nature and sometime by necessity (we think).  When we are not able to relax and unwind we can end up with even more problems, like forgetting things, having less patience with staff, customers and our family and a lot more.  Having 100% free time with no attention to anything having to do with the business can help rejuvenate you and enable you to see the business from a different/better prospective.  Consider doing the following:

  1. Have a one hour massage.  At the end of the massage, schedule your next appointment for no later than two weeks away and keep this schedule going.  Once is not enough. 
  2. Sign up for a sport you enjoy.  Pay for it.  Put it in your schedule.  Purchase any needed equipment.  And be there for your scheduled time, every time.
  3. Do not eat lunch in the office.  Have lunch at a restaurant close by, either by yourself or with family or a close friend.  No business people, work or calls of any kind.  

For each of the above strategies to work, it is imperative that you turn your cell phone completely off, not on vibrate, but off.  Other than a family emergency, no interruptions are allowed.

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