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Tips to Help Small Businesses Save on Expenses Without Sacrificing Service, Quality, or Content

  • If possible, align payroll with business income. For example, if your business typically receives income bi-weekly, change staff payroll to also be bi-weekly. Not only will the alignment help with cash flow, but fewer payroll checks each month can save money on the cost of payroll preparation.
  • Heavy drapes can lower energy bills. Buy and hang them once and save money year after year.
  • Keeping Costs In Line With Profitability. The level of service you provide and therefore the amount you spend should coincide with profitability to your company. Taking a closer look at the cost to service your customers and assuring it is properly aligned can improve the company’s bottom line and help to anchor your best clients to you and your business. The correct level of customer service for every client can be one key to the success of your business and provide the balance you need to more efficiently manage your time and resources while maximizing your bottom line.
  • Sublet part of your space for additional income. If the lease allows or if you own the property and have extra space, consider subletting the extra space. Be sure to check out their credit history and that they are an appropriate business to have in your space.

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