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To Preserve the Knowledge and History of Senior Citizens

To preserve the knowledge and history my mother (now in her 80’s) has, I hired a videographer, like you would have at a wedding, and interviewed her on camera. Before we started, I wrote about 100 questions and went over her answers with her. I then asked her the question on camera and prompted her for the answer she wanted to give. Later we edited me out of the tape so we only saw and heard her. She answered questions such as: What is your happiest childhood memory? How did you meet my father? How did he propose? Tell us about the first time you found out you were pregnant? The tape started with her child hood and ended with asking her what her family can do for her now? I then made a copy for all family members and sent it to them as their holiday gift that year. One other thing that really made it special is that I researched our family history and printed the family tree on the video case.

© Nancy Butler, June 2011