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Ways of Saving Money That People Often Overlook

You may be double paying if you have towing included in your car insurance and also belong to an auto club. Cancel one, as you normally cannot collect from both for the same incident.

Use Century Gothic font, which has been shown to use about 1/3 less printer ink than arial.

Trade in your old cell phone or computer to get either a charitable tax deduction, cash, gift card or credit toward a new purchase.

Several web-sites, such as or, offer free grocery and other coupons for money off.

Buy gift cards for less than their face amount or sell ones you don’t want at web sites like or, which offer this service.

See plays for free by volunteering as an usher at your local theater.

Grocery shopping – every two weeks (not weekly) lessens the opportunity to buy things you don’t need.

Clothes for teenagers – One time purchase of the brand name they really want, then switch labels on purchases after that

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