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What is a Divorce Financial Analyst, and How Can They Help?

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst© and Certified Financial Planner®, I have specific training in the financial aspects of divorce. I work with one or both spouses to better assure a fair financial split. The software I use outlines what a specific spilt of assets; income and expenses can look like for each person today and for many years in the future. The report takes tax issues, and many other factors into account to better assure a fair financial split. Often seeing a written projection helps the parties of the divorce to feel more secure and therefore the settlement process can move along more quickly.

I have also been an expert witness in court for the financial aspects of divorce.

This does not take the place of legal advice. In fact, often my clients are referrals from attorneys that want to help their clients better understand the financial aspects and impact of how the divorce will affect them today and in the future.

Do your research before hiring a Divorce Financial Analyst. And discuss it with your attorney.

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