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What is the Best Way to Achieve your Goals?

The main reason many people do not accomplish their goals is that they are not clear on exactly what their goals are, they have not put a plan in writing for the necessary steps to make it happen and do not allocate uninterrupted time to do what is required.

First you need to be very clear about what your goals are. A goal should be reasonable but a bit of a stretch. If it will happen automatically, it is not a goal. If it impossible to achieve, it is not a goal. I suggest you have 3-6 personal goals and/or 3-6 business goals.

Prioritize your goals. Think of it this way “If you could accomplish only one of your goals and none of the others, which would you choose? If you could have only two which would be your second choice and so on.” Put a plan in writing. For each goal write down exactly what you need to do to accomplish the goal. Include how much time is needed for each task, the cost involved, resources needed, who will do what, etc.

Put specific time in your schedule for each week starting now for when you will work on accomplishing your goals. Do not allow anything (except an extreme emergency) to interrupt this designated time.

Monitor your progress at least monthly and more often if needed. Make any adjustment along the way. Update your plan to reflect the necessary changes.

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