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A Realtor’s Guide to Greater Success – Free Excerpts

Above All Else BookA Realtors’ Guide to Greater Success provides easy-to-implement strategies that will take your business to the next level, while showing you how to find balance between work and personal life.

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# 1 If it were three years from now and you were looking back to today, what would your business need to “look like” for you to feel really good about the progress you have made?

Knowing what “fires you up” and what makes you feel great about going to work every day is an important key to success.
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Is success…

  • The amount of money you make?
  • How many sales you close?
  • The amount of money you make in the amount of time you are willing to devote to your business?
  • The challenge of “being the best” in your field?
  • How many people you help?

Or is it something else?

When you enjoy what you do, it shows. People can tell whether you are excited about your work with them or just going through the motions. People like to work with happy, competent, and successful people. In a prospective client’s eyes, the question may not only be “Who can do a good job for me?” The question also is “Whom do I enjoy working with?” “Who can communicate with me in a way that I not only understand but feel they are committed to whatever is needed to get the job done right?”

This is your business. You have the power to make it as successful as you want it to be.

# 2 If you and your competition offer the same product and the same knowledge, at the same price, why should the client work with you?

Realtors who can answer this question thrive regardless of the market.Managing “The New Reality in Realty™” means finding ways to work with this new reality while doing a great job for your clients and your business.

# 3 When I first appeared on radio and television, I was concerned that an interviewer might ask me a question on the air that I may not have a good answer to. So I devised a way to ensure the station would have a great show and both the interviewer and I would provide great content. After we agreed to the topic, I asked the interviewer if they would like me to provide them a list of questions to ask me on the show. I told the interviewer I would provide the questions in advance of the show so that we both will be well prepared. I have never had a show decline this offer.

By having the questions agreed to in advance, you can not only assure a great show but put yourself at ease at the same time.

# 4 Free advertising: I was listed in the newspaper approximately once a month for about twenty years at no cost to me. I did this in two ways: 1) I sent a news release anytime I attended a training, spoke at a conference, or did anything else that was newsworthy. 2) I offered to be a resource for reporters whenever they were writing on a topic that was in my area of expertise.

# 5 Technology is constantly changing and improving the efficiency, effectiveness, and success of businesses. Having a great online presence is important, but it has to be designed to engage your potential customer and not just to capture a lead. It is important to focus on the following:

  • Consistency of “your brand”
  • Strategies to produce quick engagement and response
  • Strategies to produce quick engagement and response
  • Cost-effectiveness regarding time and money
  • Continual improvement and evolution of your online tools

# 6 “Right from the start, make it right and stand apart!”What makes you a better choice than your competition? What makes you stand out?

  • Why should the client work with you?
  • How are you helping potential clients know they need you?
  • How you are you enabling the public to know who you are?
  • How are you different/better than the competition?
  • What do you do that other realtors do not do for their clients?
  • How does your service make you stand out to your potential clients?
  • What do your ads say to make you stand out to your potential clients?
  • What do you do to go above and beyond what is expected?
  • How are you making it easy for people to do business with you?
  • Do you have a written business plan?

# 7 Many business owners wait to hire help until they feel they can afford to do so, which for many is far too long. Don’t wait. If you hire the right person, he or she will more than pay for himself or herself in a very short period of time, which can free you up to do the things that bring more money into the business.

Think of it this way: Do you pay your attorney for his or her services at the same rate you pay for the work the attorney’s paralegal or other staff members complete on your behalf? The answer is no. The attorney’s time and expertise warrants a higher fee, as does your time and expertise.

As the business owner, you should not be spending your time doing work that you can hire others to do when they may not only be better at it, but can also do it at a lower cost to the business. You should be spending all of your time bringing in business to your company and managing the company, enabling the business to become more profitable.

# 8 One key to maintaining a balance between business and your personal life is to manage and schedule your time effectively. Having a “model week” can be extremely helpful in assuring you allocate the right amount of attention to each area of your life.

When I first learned about a model week, I did not want anything to do with it. I felt it was more important that I was available to respond to whatever came up at work at the time it happened. That was until I realized I was wrong.

Having a model week can help you to not only be more efficient with your time but also be “present” with those around you and the work you are doing. Think about it this way. I would often take a call when I was in the middle of completing important paperwork. After I hung up the phone, it took me a very long time to get back to the mind-set and place where I had left off, and therefore it took a lot longer to finish what I had started than if I had I completed it from start to finish without an interruption.

Having a model week enables you to focus uninterrupted on what you are doing, and can enable you to do a better job and have quality time with everyone you interact with. This can be true at work as well as in your personal life.

Put in your first name and email address for more excerpts from the book.

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