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An inspirational journey through many obstacles in life, showing us that you can be successful if you persevere.
– Sharon B, Lisbon, CT

I’d recommend the book to anyone. It is sincere and written from the heart, and because of your nature in educating people, you managed to toss those lessons in without a real presentation, just kind of slip them in. Remarkable, once you got going, you never looked back, just kept building.
– Tom S.

Having finished reading Nancy Butler’s book I wanted to write a note to say how inspiring it was. Through many hardships and illnesses her resolve remained clear and unwavering. It appears that she has great tenacity, loves life, and is eager to experience all that is available to one in this lifetime.

Having gone from poverty to riches her heart remained true to the spirit of life and she always kept her family and clients as her foremost concern…not her company or the “bottom line”; therefore, it seems quite fitting that she should have become as successful as she is.

Sharing her knowledge, sharing her wealth and sharing her experiences with love and humor makes for a “fun read” and I had a hard time putting the book down. Loved laughing through it and loved the sage advice she shared, which seems to be her theme in life…sharing and teaching. What a wonderful legacy to leave to the world and give to her family and friends. Congratulations on your success, Nancy.
– From an Inspired Reader. SLW

Above All Else, Success in Life and Business is a beautiful and innovative portrait of an interesting and inspiring journey through the author’s life. It’s a funny and openhearted book from a charismatic writer. This book brought back so many memories of life in the 50’s and 60’s.
– F.R.G., Bristol, CT

Loved the book! Very inspirational. It shows that with determination you can overcome just about any situation. I would highly recommend it….especially for women of any age. It will help empower you over any of life’s adversities.
– Linda W., McDonough, GA

Detailing how she overcame problems of divorce, illness and lack of education should be an inspiration for those who don’t know how to cope with life’s problems.

She proves that everyone can turn their life around to be successful as a well respected individual and financially secure.
– Fran B., New London, CT

I have spoken to you twice in recent days and failed to remember to tell you I purchased your book some time ago at Monte Cristo’s. Both Barbara and I could not put it down once we started to read it and we enjoyed it very much. Perhaps you would sign it for me the next time we meet. Have a safe and enjoyable trip to Africa.
– Charlie J., Deep River, CT