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Identity Theft – Review your Credit Card Statement Carefully

Working long hours I only had time to briefly scan my credit card statements each month. Until one month I noticed a charge to the “Palm Store”. I had not owned a Palm for several years and knew that I could not have made this charge. That prompted me to pull past statements and I found several other similar charges. I immediately contacted the credit card company. They canceled the card and set up a fraud investigation case. I decided to pull together the case myself and was able to obtain the address where the merchandise was shipped. I then got the name and telephone number for that address, wrote up the facts, copied all statements and went to the local police department where they conducted an investigation. They tracked down the person that received the shipments to a home in Maine. I live in Connecticut. The Maine police were involved as well. They found out that this person was unknowingly accepting shipments for someone in Nigeria that had obtained my credit card info from the internet. This person was paid to accept the shipments and then send them to Nigeria. He was hired to do a job and didn’t realize what he was doing was illegal. Moral of the story, review every credit card statement carefully.

© Nancy Butler, July 2011