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A New Reality In Realty

Nancy has motivated, entertained and educated individuals and businesses on a variety of topics for over thirty years. A business expert, motivational professional, keynote speaker and personal and business coach, her stories have touched the hearts of thousands. Nancy’s words have inspired people to reach higher levels of success in their personal and business lives.

What is Stand-Out Value?

The unique services and expertise a professional provides that causes him/her to stand out from others of the same profession as the provider of choice.

A New Reality in Realty

Embracing Existing Challenges; Ensuring Financial Success
Realtors, buyers and sellers alike are paralyzed by their insecurities in the economy. Fear of buying and selling in real estate has never been more simultaneous. “A New Reality in Realty” will help real estate professionals think out of the box about things they can control and maximize their Stand-Out Value.
You will discover how to manage a new reality that includes:

  • Fear of the economy
  • Increased bank requirements for loan qualifications
  • Lower appraisal of properties
  • Effects of the internet
  • Slower processing of RE transactions
  • Media’s negative portrayal of RE

Anchoring Your Clients To You

How To Be The Realtor Of Choice
If you and your competition had the same product and same knowledge, at the same price, why should the client work with you? Realtors who can answer this question thrive regardless of the market. “Anchoring Your Clients To You” will help real estate professionals develop their Stand-Out Value and provide mutually profitable client experiences. You will learn how to:

  • Develop and maintain your desired image
  • Customize “value propositions” for clients to select you as the realtor of choice
  • Define and build the experience you want for your clients
  • Build client relationships based on trust, confidence and loyalty
  • Increase referrals for future business