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Taking Control Of Your Future

I am a firm believer that adversity can either make you stronger or break you. And, we get to choose which side we fall on. “Adversity can lead to greater success—if you know how to use it to your advantage.”

Your mind set is very powerful in your ability to have a happy life. You can either let circumstances control your future, or you can take control of your life.

I have had so many difficult events in my life such as, almost dying in child birth, a 7 year old daughter who couldn’t walk for many years due to a rare bone disease, our home caught on fire while we were all in it 6 months after it was built, divorce, single parent for many years with no financial support of any kind, a husband with cancer, my father died at age 50 while I was a teenager, I was on crutches for a year after surgery, and so much more.

I realized that there are many people with problems much greater than mine. We have our whole future ahead of us and what we choose to do with it is up to us.

This has caused me to appreciate my life and my family even more. I no longer “sweat the small stuff”. I now feel that there isn’t anything that could happen that I can’t handle.

What is your mind set? What do you want your future to be? What can you do now to help make that happen? Get excited. Get motivated. You are in control of building your future, and the sky is the limit.

© Nancy Butler, August 2011