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Boss or Nurterer?

As a female business owner, it was obvious that some people had difficulty working for me. Although no one can really know what the true cause is, some things seemed somewhat obvious. In my opinion women are normally seen as the nurturer. When placed in the position of being responsible for the success or failure of a business I was not in the “nurturing mode”. Instead I had a direct, to the point, no nonsense, get the job done attitude. If an employee could not do what was required of them, in an efficient and effective way, it wasn’t fair to the other employees or the business’s bottom line. I could not be the cuddly mother figure employees may be looking for in a female business owner. And, not only was I responsible for approx. $200 million dollars of other people’s money, as a single parent I was also responsible for the financial success of my own family.

It is important to be fair and maintain a positive attitude. But when running a business, it is sometimes necessary to make unpopular decisions and implement them. Keep in mind that if the business doesn’t succeed everyone will be out of a job.

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