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Biography: Nancy built a business while a single parent with $2,000 to her name and no other source of income, to $200 million in assets under management, before selling it. Since 2007 Nancy D. Butler is the owner of “Above All Else, Success in Life and Business®”, an international professional motivational speaker, award-winning author, and business coach.

Nancy uses her personal, business and financial knowledge to help businesses do a better job for their clients while improving their bottom line and helps individuals live more successful and fulfilling lives.

Nancy has been quoted in Money magazine, USA Today, Forbes, US News and World Report, The National Business Institute, The New England Real Estate Journal, The Financial Planning Association magazine, AARP, The Chicago Tribune, and many more.

Well Healed Woman – sample in person presentation

Time Management – sample on line presentation

Above All Else - Success in Life and Business

Career Highlights

Professional Speaking Highlights

  • Professional speaker for over thirty-five years
  • In-person and online international speaker
  • Guest on television call-in shows
  • Guest on radio call-in shows
  • Speaker for major corporations such as Pfizer, General Dynamics, Dow Chemical and more
  • Multiple citations from the US Navy for superior performance as a facilitator and sharing of extensive knowledge
  • Speaker for presentations – fifteen minutes to several day workshops
  • A wide array of topics covered

About Nancy D. Butler

Nancy D. Butler is the founder of “Above All Else, Success in Life and Business®”, an organization focused on helping individuals live a successful life and realize their dreams and helping businesses do a better job for their clients while improving their bottom line.

Following your dreams can be difficult when facing adversities in life that seem impossible to work through or cope with. For over 35 years Nancy Butler, the owner of Above All Else, Success in Life & Business®, has worked with thousands of individuals, organizations, and businesses to help improve performance and build personal and financial success. Prior to her own successes, she was a single mother. With no alimony, child support, or other sources of income, Nancy moved 70 miles with her two daughters and started her own business to support her family while helping others. At the new location, she was offered a salaried position at a higher pay than she ever had before. However, she realized they were hiring her at “the top of the ladder,” leaving her no place to grow. Nancy knew what she needed was a career and not a job. She felt having her own business would give her the flexibility she needed with her time to raise her family while allowing her to build a successful career. She managed to raise her family on her own and simultaneously build an extremely profitable and successful business to $200 million dollars under her management. After 25 years she sold her business to devote her time to being a professional international speaker, instructor, business coach, and author, allowing her to pass on the knowledge she has gained over the years to enable others to live a more successful life and realize their personal and business dreams.

Who is Nancy Butler?

Nancy has been quoted in many local and national publications including USA Today, Money Magazine, The New England Real Estate Journal, Forbes, Certified Senior Advisor magazine, The National Business Institute, Playboy Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, AARP, The Financial Planning Association, and many more. She has been a speaker for major corporations, the military, and associations in a wide variety of industries including Pfizer, General Dynamics, Dow Chemical, Chambers of Commerce, Investment News, Ameriprise Financial, Small Business Expo, Real Estate firms, CT Education Assoc. Retirees, The Academy of Dental Management Consultants, Connecticut Floral Assoc., Event Planners Assoc., High Schools, Colleges, US Navy, US Coast Guard, Air National Guard, and many others.

Nancy has been a guest on many radio and television shows and is the author of the books “Above All Else, Success in Life and Business” published in 2012, “A Realtors Guide to Greater Success, Above and Beyond the Competition” published in 2014, and “Above All Else, Independence, Happiness and Success in Your Senior Years” published in 2017.

Radio / TV Media Kit

Sample Questions I Can Answer in an Interview for Success In Life

  • You have many strategies to help individuals maintain their long-term quality of life. Would you share a few with us?
  • There can be so many demands in everyday life that many people feel out of control of their life and the direction it is going. Please share tips that you used to not only get past this but to come out ahead.
  • I know you have counseled people for years on creative ways to pay for college. Tell us a few of the most impactful tips you have learned?
  • And more

Sample Questions I Can Answer in an Interview for Success In Business

  • Having built a very successful business from scratch, what would you say is one of the most important things business owners often fail to do, but if they did it, can make a major impact on the success of their business?
  • Can you tell us some low-cost and effective marketing and media relations strategies to help business owners?
  • What specific systems do you recommend to enable business owners to run their business more efficiently and effectively?
  • What is the one thing you wish someone would have told you when you first started your business that would have made a big difference in your success?
  • And more