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How To Turn Things Around (part 1)

Many people feel out of control of their life and the direction it is going. There can be so many demands in everyday life that there is no time to take control and set your life in the direction you want and need it to go.

Finding the time: Many people have told me “you just need to set time aside for yourself”. And although that is true, it is so much easier said than done. Consider the following:

When is the best time of the day for quiet, alone, “think time”? It might be when everyone is sleeping. So if you are a “morning person” get up earlier than usual. If you are more of a late night person, stay up after everyone else goes to bed. If that doesn’t work for you, see if someone can cover for you so you can either get in the car and drive to a park or other quiet place, or just go for a walk.

How much time do you need? For everyone the answer can be different. I suggest starting with at least one hour per week. It is important that the time is taken all at once and not broken up.

(Additional blog posts will be available soon for a continuation of this topic)

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