Ms. Butler recently gave a keynote address at our 18th annual convention and business session in Houston, Texas. She delivered an impeccable speech, laced with humor, honesty and hope. She was able to connect with the audience, which was made up of mostly women, aged between 18-65. Through sharing of her own personal experiences, she was able to show the audience, a clear and attainable path to entrepreneurship. Ms. Butler provides exactly what she advertises and does so with a great deal of authenticity and enthusiasm. Attendees left the conference feeling accomplished and had clear action plans on how to venture into business ownership. I would highly recommend Nancy Butler as a keynote speaker for any audience.  - Jackie A., ExSSA USA Houston Chapter President

I really enjoyed your presentation at the Women’s Network on Wednesday. It was one of the best I’ve heard. You provided practical and doable advice and I left with some great takeaway ideas. You also come across as a very competent, impressive, and accomplished person.  - Elizabeth C. Esq. Attorney

FloristWare was proud to recently sponsor Nancy D. Butler as a speaker at the Northeast Floral Expo. Each year more than 1,000 members of the floral industry come from more than nine different states and Canada to the Northeast Floral Expo, making it one of the biggest floral shows on the East Coast.

This was the first time we had partnered with Nancy, and we were impressed with her professionalism and dedication to details at all stages of the event. She was well prepared and based on the comments we received from florists who attended her session, she delivered a solid presentation that offered them real-world tips they can implement in their business to provide better service to their customers while increasing the bottom line of the businesses.

One of the aspects that was most appreciated by the florists was that Nancy had researched the floral industry and had tailored her presentation to their business concerns.  - Mark A, President Floristware

I received lots of compliments on your presentation and I was told more than once that you were the best speaker we have had! Thank you for providing our members with a great experience.  - Kate B. Southeastern CT Women’s Network

Thank you for being the Guest Speaker at the 1st Semi-Annual Free Artist’s Showcase. Without you, it could not have been the success that it was. Your upbeat and honest repertoire not only held the audience’s attention, but also inspired them. Several audience members and artists regaled me of the great time they had.  - Melissa F., Moving And Other Matters

I met Nancy at a National Speakers Association meeting and was so impressed that I contracted her to be my business coach. She is professional, efficient and highly structured yet she is also very friendly and down to earth. Given the fact she built and operated a successful wealth management company nobody knows better how to build a company. She is a powerhouse in the industry and does a lot of work with the United Nations. I highly recommend Nancy for any of her services, you can't go wrong with her!  - Curt V. Member Board of Directors and Chief Cyber Strategist

Nancy Butler is at the top of everyone's list as a speaker, not only in southeastern Connecticut but throughout the world, because of the wide range of relevant topics she can provide. You will also find Nancy providing her knowledge as a Board member and a volunteer for many non-profits. She does not stop, when there is so much to do to make a difference! Nancy Butler is at the top of everyone's list as a speaker, not only in southeastern Connecticut but throughout the world, because of the wide range of relevant topics she can provide. You will also find Nancy providing her knowledge as a Board member and a volunteer for many non-profits. She does not stop, when there is so much to do to make a difference!  - Kathy G. President, Soroptimist CT Shoreline

I have heard Nancy Butler speak several times at very well-attended events. She is very professional and an amazing motivational speaker. Nancy presents timely and usable information in an easily understood and retainable format. I highly recommend Nancy.  - Judy R. Owner Ricketts-White Design

Your talk on “Anchoring Your Clients to You – Building a Loyal Client Base” was excellent and inspiring! Your professional and engaging style created immediate rapport with the audience. Your delivery was clear and easy to follow and your use of examples reinforced visually with the aid of your Power Point and handouts was exemplary. Comments from some of our members included the fact that your talk was timely and packed with useful information that the membership could take away and implement to their benefit immediately.  - Pat C., SECT Women’s Network, Vice President, Program Committee Chair


Nancy Butler’s remarkable life from rags to riches is inspiring! Nancy is an incredible speaker and instantly connects with the audience through her personal experiences! Nancy worked with me extensively tailoring the National Women’s History Month Observance to my needs and fullfilling every requirement I asked of her. Nancy Butler without a doubt needs to be considered as your next speaker! She has the “It” factor and is a “people” person!  - Todd S, Equal Opportunity Office for the Illinois Army and Air National Guard

Soroptimist International of the Americas, Inc. Northeastern Region was honored to present Nancy D. Butler, as keynote speaker, for the annual Spring Conference. Nancy’s presentation was exceptionally well planned and well-paced. The topic: Living Your Dream: You have one life to live.…tips and tricks to make it the best it can be, regardless of your age, provided our multi-age audience with thought-provoking, practical tips and strategies that can be readily implemented to improve and empower one’s personal and professional life. Her enthusiasm and energy was inspiring and contagious throughout!  - Ann D., Governor, Soroptimist International Northeastern Region

Nancy’s background of starting in this industry (financial services) as a single mother in 1981 while having to provide for and raise her children, in this highly demanding career is motivating to anyone who hears her message.  - Patrick O., Group Vice President, Ameriprise Financial

Nancy D. Butler was the morning speaker for Lawrence + Memorial Hospital’s Annual Well Healed Woman Conference. More than 400 women from all walks of life were in attendance. The breadth and depth of her knowledge and experience, along with her ability to effectively communicate an array of topics, is truly energizing and empowering. Nancy’s message is one that can reach any audience.  - Graham G. Director of Development, Lawrence and Memorial Hospital

Nancy is a woman who has such an amazing life story, it almost speaks for itself. However, she is blessed by also having an amazing way of presenting herself. Her demeanor is unique, because she seamlessly combines confidence and humility. The listener feels admiration and an eagerness to learn from and be guided by Nancy, yet she also makes them feel that they have an ally, a peer. She is down to earth, straightforward and practical, yet she takes risks and dreams big (bigger than big). I recommend her highly for speaking engagements.  - Kelly S. PhD, Lead Organizer for Adult Formation

Thank you for being the Keynote Speaker at the Stone Academy, West Haven Campus graduation ceremony. Your talk was well received by all. Many of our students, faculty and staff have commented on the relevance of your topic and how it pertained to the entire graduating class. It was obvious that you certainly know your audience and related your speech just to them.  - Alexander C., Campus Director, West Haven Campus

Financial Advisors

The business results speaks for themselves: Hall of Fame, President’s Advisory Council advisor, one million+ GDC producer, $60,000+annual financial planning fees, Million Dollar Round Table and Dalbar rated professional and consistently a leader in acquiring high value clients in our market group.  - Patrick O., MBA, CFP, CHFC, CRPC, Group Vice President, Ameriprise Fnancial

Thanks Nancy – the feedback I received were things like “that is the best training I have had since joining P1” - “there were a ton of great ideas to implement” – “Nancy clearly knows how to run a profitable business”. I took four pages of notes myself, Nancy – AWESOME EVENT!!!! THANK YOU!!!!  - Frank M., Region Vice President - Ameriprise Advisor Group

I don’t want to say it but I’ll say it, I TOLD YOU SO!! Nancy, always over delivers. Nancy is a great coach, teacher and partner. Thanks for leading the partnering program for us Nancy. We just launched it in AAG and we’ll keep you as busy as you want to be.  - Patrick. O., MBA, CFP, ChFC, CRPC, Group Vice President, Ameriprise Financial

Throughout my time in the financial services industry, I have had the opportunity to hear from numerous speakers on various platforms. Nancy showed great enthusiasm and knowledge when speaking with our Financial Planning Club on the University of Illinois campus.

Our students spoke very highly of Nancy. They found her presentation on what it’s like to be a financial advisor inspiring and thought provoking. Following her conversation, many students have reached out to express their desire for having Nancy return to speak on another topic. Her passion for financial services is apparent and it is contagious to anyone listening.

Nancy’s experience gives her a deep knowledge of not only the technical aspects of the industry, but also the soft skills and psychology.

Nancy is highly recommended and we hope to continue working with her in the future!  - Dr. Craig L, CFP®, Director – Financial Planning Program, Associate Clinical Professor of Financial Planning, University of Illinois

I would like to give you some background on Nancy Seely-Butler CFP, CSA, CDFA, CLTC and her ability to help you to grow your business.

I met Nancy shortly after becoming the Group Vice President of the Northeast market group in January, 2002. I was very impressed by her business results for 2001, but became amazed at the success she has had once I learned the history and story of how she built her practice, the adversity she had to overcome and the relentless focus and work ethic Nancy displayed in order to rise to the top of the industry.

The business results speak for themselves: Hall of Fame, President’s Advisory Council advisor, one million+ GDC producer, $60,000+ annual financial planning fees, Million Dollar Round Table and Dalbar rated financial professional, and consistently a leader in acquiring high value clients in our market group.

What is not so obvious is the story behind the results. Nancy’s background of starting in this industry as a single mother in 1981, having to provide for and raise her children, while establishing herself in this highly demanding career is motivating to anyone that hears her message. Her message, though, is not just one of motivation. Nancy’s success has come with much sacrifice, hard work and planning and people can and do learn from Nancy what it takes to do well in this business.

Nancy’s the best life planner I know. One example of her life planning skills is when I first met her in 2002; Nancy showed me a lengthy succession plan for her practice that documented the buyer, the date of the transition and the terms of the transition. You might consider this to be “no big deal”, but it, in fact, was very impressive since she had that document in place long before I had met her and the transition date was not until January of 2007!

As Nancy transitions from being a full-time financial advisor, she wants to help others through public speaking and training events. In our market group, we have had Nancy do keynote speeches in front of 350+ advisors at our education days, speak at our Women in Business meetings and successfully lead senior partnering groups. If you’re looking for a high-quality speaker/trainer I think Nancy can help you with the following topics:

• High Value Client Acquisition-She’s great at it and can teach others how to do it.
• Building a fee-based financial planning practice.
• Life planning and Succession Planning
• The use of structured systems to drive results.
• Life skills needed to succeed: emotional competence, perseverance, hard work, etc.
• Motivational Speaker-If you’re looking for an individual to motivate a group to dig deeper, do more and/or keep going no matter the adversity that one faces, Nancy can teach the skills that are needed to get sustainable results.

Nancy Seely-Butler has been a tremendous asset to her clients, Ameriprise Financial and our market group over the last twenty five years. Now that she is willing and able to reach out to help others through speaking and training, I encourage you to take advantage of her experience, knowledge and success at one of your future events.  - Best Wishes, Patrick. O., MBA, CFP, ChFC, CRPC, Group Vice President, Ameriprise Financial

Don, Nancy was a CAC FC who “retired!” a couple of years ago. She’s been coaching FA’s and is one of the best senior partners we have. She is a wonderful human being and one of the best FA’s I’ve ever met. Also, one of the best I know at acquiring HVCs.  - Pat O., Senior Vice President – Ameriprise Advisor Group

You were fantastic! We had so many 'raving reviews' from advisors about the CFP Ethics Continuing Education session. Your partnership is appreciated!  - Jody J., Franchise Regional Vice President, Ameriprise Financial

Wanted to let you know about Nancy’s session today. What a great presenter! Nancy did an absolutely “WOW” job with her presentation! It seemed that everyone was engaged. Everyone learned a lot from the meeting. Thank you again Nancy.  - Deborah G., Executive Assistant, Ameriprise Financial Services

Your presentation this morning was awesome. The feedback that I have received already has been tremendous. Your experience of how you worked to get your business to the level that it is today is truly inspirational. Also, the advisors learned so much today about what it really takes to market and grow a successful practice. I can’t thank you enough for your willingness to share your success and learnings.  - Patrick O., MBA, CFP, CHFC, CRPC, Group Vice President, American Express Financial Advisors


You gave a fantastic talk last night on investments. Everyone had high praise for you and said they “could have listened to her longer. She was very well-organized and informative.” Thank you for adding to this very worthwhile program for women sponsored by the center and AARP. – Nancy S., Administrative Assistant

Nancy D. Butler was the keynote speaker for the CT Education Association-Retired Annual Fall Issue Conference. Nancy was well-prepared, articulate, informative, engaging and very well-received by the audience.

She covered a variety of topics that were of interest to our members. The feedback we received from our members was very positive. I highly recommend Nancy D. Butler as a motivational and educational speaker. – Gloria B., President of the CEA Retired

Thank you for taking the time to come and explain some of the complexities of economics and budgeting. I have heard many positive comments such as “She really knows what she is talking about”, and “She has helped me to move toward making a decision I’ve been putting off for some time." – Joe C

On behalf of the Coalition and the participants, I do want to thank you for helping us along the road to better financial health. We have been gearing up to YOUR portion of the seminar and the information you shared has brought together several sessions and many explanations. As you said, the evening could go on for hours and I am only sorry we had to hold you to 1 hour plus. – Susan T., Program Coordinator/Senior Citizens


I just wanted to take the time to thank you for presenting your workshop on Financial Wellness. Here are some of their comments from the workshop evaluation:
"I learned a lot from this workshop. This will help me with problem-solving."
"It was different and I learned something new. I can use these skills to manage money and be more responsible." – Erin M., STEPS, Inc. - Striving Toward Empowered Personal Success

It is with much enthusiasm that I commend Nancy Butler for her contribution to BZBUCk's Educational Efforts. Nancy successfully shared her valuable experiences while offering guidance on the topics of self-growth, women empowerment, and mindset. Her eagerness and lively spirit reflected her passion to pass on knowledge to the youth. Based on the genuineness and effective mentorship that I witnessed in Nancy, I am certain that numerous students were inspired by our conversation. – Komal V., Founder and CEO of BZBUCK Education

What other clients are saying

Nancy did an excellent job integrating some very specific material at my request in a way that flowed well. Her presentation was extremely upbeat and motivational. It was the perfect presentation for the audience. – Dawn R., Volunteer, Harvest Homes Financial Education Instructor

Thank you so much for speaking to our chapter this month. Your presentation was very informative and practical, and targeted a critical issue in today’s economy. Your help is very much appreciated. – Linda S., President, National Organization for Women - Southeastern Connecticut

I would unhesitatedly recommend her for any position Mrs. Seely felt capable of assuming and fulfilling. Again, a remarkable young woman. – Vincent A., Attorney at Law

I have no hesitation in recommending Nancy Seely-Butler for speaking engagements. I feel confident that she will do an outstanding job. – Elizabeth R., Branch Manager, Allstate Financial

Thanks for the excellent presentation you gave to Women’s Network last Wednesday. I know everyone could have listened to you for another hour! I had comments made to me such as, “When Nancy explains, I understand it!” Thanks again. – Vicki A.