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Above All Else – Independence, Happiness and Success in Your Senior Years

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“It is important to take time now to make the changes necessary to enable you to maintain your independence and happiness as long as possible.” Nancy Butler

Intended for people age fifty-five and above, this is a resource for those who wish to stay independent and have a great quality of life for the rest of their lives.

You have one life to live. Take a step out of your comfort zone and live it to the fullest. Find a new way of thinking and a new way of approaching your senior years.

Discover succinct tips and advice on how to retain independence, maintain great relationships, make great memories, address financial issues, keep an active mind and much more.

Even in the face of illness and disability, the more of these tips you put into place, the greater the likelihood that you will remain active and happy throughout your retirement.

Book Excellence Award for Nancy D. Butler

“Over the last several years, older adults have been the fastest-growing segment of the American population. As we age, our ability to manage change can become more difficult. While your mind is still sharp and you can make good decisions for yourself, it is important to take time now to make the changes necessary to enable you to maintain your independence and happiness as long as possible.”

“This book provides specific steps you can take today and over the next several years to better ensure you are doing everything you can to have the life you really want for the rest of your days. These steps can also help you organize your life in a way that will make it easier for your loved ones when the time comes when you need their assistance, as well as making it easier for them regarding all the things they will need to deal with after you are gone.”

“My first concern in retirement for you has nothing to do with your children, grandchildren, or others. My first concern is ensuring that you have the income you need for the rest of your life to live comfortably for whatever years you have left on this earth.”

“It can be easy to let ourselves become sedate as we age. We get comfortable with our surroundings and become fearful of the unknown. Taking calculated risks can bring invigorating success.”

“For every item that comes in, one needs to leave. You have only a certain amount of space at home. Set a rule for yourself that for every item you bring into the house, something else of similar or larger volume has to leave. For example, it’s okay to buy a new outfit, but you have only so much closet space. So, when you bring in a new outfit, remove another outfit from your wardrobe and from your home.”

“I know of many families who have argued over a parent’s things after their parent has passed. In some cases, the siblings are so upset that they don’t speak for many years, if ever again. You can help ensure that does not happen to your family by making it really clear whom you want to receive your personal possessions. Put it in writing and keep an up-to-date copy in your safe or safe deposit box.”