Regardless of the events that happen in our lives, the difference between success and failure often are in the decisions we make and the mindset we embrace.

I have seen this over and over again in my own life. At age 31, I found myself in the process of a divorce. Having two daughters, I felt it important that they “see what a woman can do.” I felt having my own business would give me the flexibility I needed with my time. So, I moved my children and myself 70 miles away with no child support, alimony, or other sources of income, and started my own business.

Keeping my mind focused on the life and business I needed to build for my children and myself seemed impossible with my state of mind at the time and with all I was dealing with.

I learned quickly that I needed to focus on my long-term vision for my family and my business. Living in the constant fear of how we would get by from day to day would not enable me to build the life and business we needed and can also be very depressing. Having a continued focus on and vision of what our future could be, became exciting and gave me something to look forward to. In what felt like a totally out of control life, I finally felt in control of our future.

I also became one of the few Certified Divorce Financial Analysts in Connecticut, and have testified in court as an expert witness for divorce. This enables me to help better assure a fair split and that the person hiring me understands what their financial life will be like after the divorce.

After building the business from scratch to approx. $200 million dollars in assets under management, I sold the business.

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Above All Else, Success in Life and Business®

Above All Else - Success in Life and Business

Did you believe you had life figured out at a young age—only to realize you still had a lot to learn as hardships and loss became the norm? Author Nancy Butler knows how you feel. She married at age 15, had two children, and sixteen years later, she found herself in the process of divorce without any child support or alimony. Having limited professional skills, she set out to find a career that would not only support her children but would also help other people.

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