Below is an outline of some of the topics Nancy typically speaks on. Additionally, other topics are available upon request. All topics can be customized to your specific needs.


Home and Family

Life is Short, Tips for Making the Best of Every Day

Having goals and living a life that is in tune with your values and core beliefs are important factors for a happy life.

  • Making great memories and unique ways to preserve and pass them on to your heirs
  • Learn what you can and cannot control. Take control of what you can
  • Getting Organized
  • Tips and tricks
  • Setting goals, prioritizing them and implementing an action plan


Money Management and Insurance

Have Greater Control Over Your Financial Success with Knowledge and a Plan

Doing the best you can with what you have to work with is all you can ask of yourself. Learn tips to help put and keep you on the right track.

  • Investment basics – proper money management and asset diversification
  • Every investment has its positive and negative attributes. How to know what is appropriate for you
  • Ideas and tips to save money. Every little bit can make a difference
  • Insurance basics – life, long-term care, health, disability, home, auto
  • How much is the right amount of insurance coverage
  • How to set your plan for success and implement it


Long-Term Quality of Life

During retirement, it is important to ensure that your finances and certain other parts of your life are on “autopilot”. This means that the important tasks in your life will run on their own in the way you need them to with little to no work or input on your part. As we age, change can become more and more difficult. While your mind is sharp and you can make good decisions for yourself address the changes you can make now to enable you to maintain your independence as long as possible.

  • Assuring your income will last for the rest of your life
  • Ways to make your finances easier to manage as you age
  • Options to enable you, if you so choose, to live in your home if you become ill or less mobile
  • Maintaining good records
  • Keeping your home and life organized
  • Medical and legal information



Taking Control of Your Life and Your Future

Adversity can lead to greater success if you know how to use it to your advantage.

  • Knowing your values – identifying what is important to you
  • Having a vision and setting goals for yourself
  • Establishing your priorities
  • Being comfortable with what you can and cannot control
  • Putting a plan into action – setting you on the right course



Before, During and After

Will you allow your circumstances to break you or make you stronger? Divorce can be devastating, especially when individuals are left with few or no financial resources. Knowledge of your options and how to prepare for the life ahead of you can make a huge difference in both the short and long-term happiness for you and your family.

  • What information do you need
  • Assessing your current situation
  • Knowing your options
  • Making good decisions
  • Getting back control over your life
  • Setting goals and making them happen


Simple Steps For Achieving Greater Success in Life

  • Maintaining quality of life as you age
  • Making great memories, low cost unique ways to preserve and pass on great memories to your heirs
  • Your financial retirement
  • Home sweet home – today, tomorrow and the rest of your life
  • Taking calculated risks for a better life
  • Your plan for success



  • Other topics available upon request
  • All topics can be customized to your specific organization’s needs
  • If you have something else in mind, reach out to Nancy and recommend a topic.