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Time Saving Tips

As a single parent with my only source of income coming from my own business, I had to become extremely organized and good at managing my time. My mantra for quite some time now is that “I only touch things once”. I do my best to hold true to this whenever possible. Having become extremely organized enables me to accomplish a lot in a day.

Some examples include:

  • Clothes are organized by casual, dress, and work. They are also organized by color and sleeve length. This enables me at a quick glance to pull what I need to get dressed quickly.
  • Pocket books are on a shelf over the clothes lined up by color and within the color, large size to small. Dress purses are kept separate.
  • At the office – work to complete each day is in a folder labeled with the date it needs to be completed by. This enables me to know exactly what needs to be done and when and saves time searching through piles to find the work.
  • I keep a “to do” list on the computer organized by when it needs to be completed. I enter notes as I work on the listed items and do not remove the item until completed.
  • I normally cooked only on Sundays and make enough for the week. Once it’s done, it’s done. Then all we have to do is heat things up during the week.

Think about how you can change the way you do things to be more efficient. It may take little effort now to make a larger long-term difference.

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